Ŕ ˛ Ó

Stefano Corsi is one of the founders of the historical group of Irish music Whisky Trail, with whom he produced eleven CDs.
Poly-instrumentalist, in 1983 he settles on the sonorities of the Celtic harp teaching himself to play it.
Composer of the texts and music with the other group members, he has studied Celtic mythology extensively with the precious help and collaboration of Melita Cataldi, professor of Irish Literature at the University of Turin.
In 2003, during the commemorative concert in Monza 'Homage to Dereck Bell of The Chieftains', he was qualified as Distinguished Harpist of Irish music along with Italian Vincenzo Zitello and the Breton Myrdhin.
Among the various concerts he held, is memorable the one in 2007, with the great Irish fiddler Frankie Gavin in Fermo in front of thousand of people.
In 2009 he releases his first CD as a soloist: 'Trails for Celtic Harp'.
In 2010 he plays at the International Festival of harp inViggiano.
In 2012 he releases his second album Celtic and Mouth Harp.
In the same year he participates in the international festival of harp Rencontres internationales de harpes of D´┐Żnan in Brittany.

The music of the woods
Is the playing of harps
a melody inducing perfect peace
(from an ancient Irish liryc)

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